13.2.2019 energy renovation of a single family house

20.12.2018 Merry Christmas

merry christmas

1.2.2018 penthouse expansion for student apartments Münster, design

Studentisches Wohnen appartment Dachausbau

21.12.2017 We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

merry christmas

13.7.2017 energetic renovation of an apartment building

energetic renovation, refurbishment

17.3.2017 topping-out ceremony Düsseldorf

8.3.2017 Start of planning german chinese kindergarten

childcare, Bilingual

20.12.2016 We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

10.11.2016 extension, Düsseldorf

24.8.2016 Start of planning Hanyuan chinese school Düsseldorf

1.7.2016 CPZ-Coloproktologisches Center, Practice, Schadow-Arkaden Düsseldorf

16.3.2016 CPZ-Coloproktologisches Zentrum, construction site, Düsseldorf

16.2.2016 renovation and reconstruction House, Düsseldorf

17.12.2015 We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2.4.2015 renovation and reconstruction House, Düsseldorf


10.3.2015 competition Old Town of Lübeck

15.1.2015 2015 So let's start!

19.12.2014 We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

24.11.2014 bike stand MKULNV NRW, Schwannstraße, Düsseldorf

14.11.2014 private practice Hairdoc, köningsallee 30, Düsseldorf

31.7.2014 portfolio living, online now

brochure online now

20.6.2014 Ostwestfalen meets Brazil 2014

23.5.2014 current TK projects

30.12.2013 december 2013, penthouse expansion, Düsseldorf

21.11.2013 merry christmas 2013

7.10.2013 current projects, Techniker Krankenkasse

27.8.2013 NEW, brochure medicine, online now

brochure medicine is online now

20.6.2013 start of construction, TK Bergheim

1.6.2013 NRW International, delegation to brazil

6.5.2013 Privatpaxis Dr.med.Roth & Dr.med.Decker, Königsalle 30, Düsseldorf

21.3.2013 publication Union Building Essen

The Union Building Essen has been published in the magazine Bausubstanz Heft 1( März) 2013 "Eines für alle". www.bausubstanz.de

15.3.2013 start of construction works, TK Homburg

29.1.2013 start of project, private practise,Dr.med.Roth & Dr.med.Decker, Königsalle 30, Düsseldorf


4.12.2012 competition 2012, exhibition and convention centre Jincheng, government Shan Xi

1.11.2012 Center for medical diagnosis

1.10.1012 renovation and reconstruction House, Düsseldorf

16.10.2012 NRW goes to China 2012

Delegation with NRW Economics Minister Mr. Duin. Pin lecture / ENNING ARCHITEKTEN.

13.9.2012 office building Medienhafen

In Hammer Straße 19 glass roofs will be maintenanced and lettability will be optimized.

10.9.2012 ODC International

 1500 sqm center of medical diagnosis under construction.

3.9.2012 Design finished at labour union building Bocholt

26.4.2012 Nice view

25.4.2012 IN 2012 WE ´VE COMPLETED

Brunel - international personal recruitment  -  branch office Essen
Techniker Krankenkasse - health insurance - branch office Oberhausen
Techniker Krankenkasse - health insurance - branch office Siegen
Preuss - real estate project management  - branch office Düsseldorf
Interhyp  -private construction loan specialist  - branch office Düsseldorf

16.4.2012 Move-in of labour unions in Essen

Upon on time completion of the office building refurbishment, the labour union as the future user will move into their new domicile. Ceremonious opening is planned for 2nd of may 2012.

7.12.2011 Geologic institute, University of Brasilia (UnB), Brazil

23.11.2011 notification december 1st, 2011: 4th german-dutch business dialogue: "climate change" in construction of business facilities

agenda: Panel discussion on sustainable and forward-looking concepts in construction of business facilities. Various wokshops, amongst others: „Bauen im Bestand: Umbau eines Lager- und Verwaltungsgebäudes zu einem Gewerkschaftshaus” - Dipl.-Ing. Franz A. Enning, Enning Architekten

organisation: Generalkonsulat des Königreichs der Niederlande, Kennedydamm 24, 40476 Düsseldorf

venue: Schloss Dyck, 41363 Jüchen, www.stiftung-schloss-dyck.de

further informations:

16.11.2011 Velthuiskliniek, Enschede, NL

concept design for a private cosmetic clinic Velthuiskliniek in Enschede, NL

clinic concept

4.7.2011 Ahaus, Markt 11: According to the requierements of elderly persons

Refurbishment of an long-standing vacant commercial space in the center of Ahaus.
Upper floor was designed according to the requierements of elderly persons living space.

18.1.2011 Removal starts at the union building Essen

Removal work begins at Teichstraße in Essen. More than 50 years old, this former storehouse will be restorated into a modern office building for the german labour union (DGB).  Within a year alteration will ends.

13.12.2010 Merry Christmas !

11.11.2010 multi generation residence, cologne

Feasibility study for a 17.000 m² multi-generation residence

Project developer: WISU Immobilien GmbH, Düsseldorf

26.10.2010 Application for Participation in the competition City expansion, Huang Gang, China

Conceptual design for the new eastern quarter and re-planning the suburban center. (ca. 9 qkm)

11.8.2010 Office Konica Minolta finished in due time

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany establish their new office in due time as appointed. We planned and controlled the reconstruction.

17.6.2010 What does Enning Architekten in china ?

We consult our partner CSADI in designing their new mixed-used office biuilding.

22.4.2010 lecture NRW goes China

- - -

9.2.2010 Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta wants to establish the new office Cologne- Bonn in Rodenkirchen. We are planning and controlling the reconstruction.

6.12.2009 Merry Christmas!

20.11.2009 Sala de Parto

Fortaleza, Ceara Brasilien: maternity ward/ extension of a hospital

19.11.2009 guests from china

with our chinese partner-office guest at the house of architects in Düsseldorf:
Jörg Wessels AKNW, Baiqing Zhang CEO CSADI, Franz A. Enning


9.9.2009 union building

Enning architects are currently planning a restoration for the Treuhandverwaltung IGEMET GmbH in Essen. The German unions: DGB, GEW, IG BAU, IG Metall, ver.di and external tenants will move into the office building of 5.200 sqm size.